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Founded in 2004, Sokół strives to meet the ever-growing requirements of our clients by constantly expanding and modernizing our facilities. We are gradually expanding the scope of our services, while maintaining their high quality.   Through our qualified team with many years of experience, we can guarantee 100% satisfaction of our clients.   We specialize in a broad range of machine treatement of metals:

  • Conventional and CNC milling
  • Conventional turning
  • Drilling
  • Threading
  • Grinding
  • Aluminum welding
  • TIG welding
  • and others

We are open for:

  1. Long-term partnership, as well as single orders.
  2. Broadening our services according to Your needs
  3. Searching for new technological solutions
  4. Realization of unique orders.

We guarantee high quality and durability of our products, solid deadlines and competitive prices.   This is how we work:       Our Partnership: ATANER METALE www.atanermetale.pl tel./fax 034 361 20 00 cell. 691 439 052, 723 741 033 Sale of: Aluminum, a range of metals, stainless steel, acid-proof sheet metal.